Pilotkurs Urban agriculture entrepreneurship – URBAN GREEN TRAIN

Pilotkurs Urban agriculture entrepreneurship – URBAN GREEN TRAIN

The Urban Green Train (UGT) pilot course wants to provide a useful toolbox for anybody looking to operate directly or indirectly in the world of urban agriculture. It offers a complete and structured training pathway tackling all aspects relevant to this new way of doing business in agriculture.

The course is open to different types of learners: Urban Agriculture professionals, entrepreneurs and workers (employed or unemployed), HEIs students, researchers and staff, NGOs staff and workers, but also representatives of local authorities and public officials, and more in general all persons interested in urban green innovation.

The course represents the testing phase of a newly designed eLearning course on URBAN AGRICULTURE, which includes 5 Modules for a total duration of 150h.

Module 1: Introduction into urban agriculture concept and types
Module 2: Resource use from a challenge perspective
Module 3: Urban agriculture types/production systems and short food chains
Module 4: Networking and Governance
Module 5: The world of business and urban demands

UGT course will be delivered through the UNIBO Moodle platform. All content and materials will be available in ENGLISH, including tutoring and assistance. A final test is required at the end of each module.

Participation is free of charge
Course starts on 1 August and closes on 31 December 2016.
Online tutoring and assistance available from 1 September.
Application period runs from 6 to 27 June 2016
Download the course INFO and the Application form HERE

For a limited number of participants it’s possible to take part in the BLENDED COURSE TEST, which combines at distance and at presence learning, as follows:
70h of at distance learning will be delivered through a Moodle platform, mainly focusing on Modules 1, 2, 3 and 4
80h of at presence learning will be delivered in a face to face course organised in Bologna (IT), from the 14 to the 25 November 2016, including frontal lessons, group work and study visits.
If you are interested in participating to the blended course modality, please contact info@urbangreentrain.eu

This project has been funded with the support of the European Union and the Italian National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme. This publication reflects the views only of the authors, and the European Union and the Italian National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.